Could have been from Tiffanys

Dear Brooke,
I am coming to work with you in September. I have the day off work, so I allocated it to work across some of the many docs, from SCS. My dog, Lambchop started barking at the front door (bothered to get off her spot in the sun), I got up to to attend the ruckus, it was a delivery man at the door with a parcel. I’ve just opened it and I’m completely excited, its from you!! Im in Australia and didn’t expect to receive a package. Its made my day, completely perfect timing, completely unexpected and completely fabulous. Like everyone preparing for next month, its a big deal, so many process to move through, plenty of self coaching and a reasonable amount of balls to get me to this place. Thank you so very much. I cannot wait for the next stage of this huge journey of mine to begin. Mxx