Could I be a sociopath?

I was always against affairs but now I see it differently cause I am having one.

After years of marriage without sexual intimacy (not my my choice) and a lot of other issues, I did allow myself to be unfaithful. I have not once regretted it and the affair is still going on.

Even though I do not want to end the affair I am not ready to leave my marriage cause of financial issues and that we have a younger child. My lover is amazing and I have come to love him but I do not think of him to be my next relationship or move in with him when I leave my husband.

Now, all circumstances are different and I have a lot to my story where I can justify my behavior and explain my marriage so you would understand my action of having an affair. I always thought of myself to be and have the want to be a devoted, faithful wife and I was until I was not. ( 7 years).

So me not feeling regret or guilt about having a lover, should I ask myself if I have tendency to be a sociopath or do I just accept the thought that in my situation and my circumstances I am ok with being unfaithful. Should I feel remorse and guilt and work on a model in why I do not feel this way?