Could this be buffering?

Hi Brooke

I think my boyfriend buffers by hanging out with friends. Even with me – I know he wants to spend time with me, but half the time I think it’s because he just can’t stand being alone. Could being social be a buffer? I choose to think he is often wasting his time.

I have the opposite problem. I have a lot of screen time and when I don’t, I get anxious. I tell myself it’s because I could be working on my business, but usually I just end up relaxing at home. Still, I have gotten very comfortable with the illusion that I’m too busy to engage in a social life – yet I would like to have more friends. Could I be buffering? I only saw it before as the procrastination, but is my screen time a buffer from engaging in real life? I have also chosen to think I’m an introvert and a homebody. My mind is a little blown here…How do I know? Thanks