Couldn’t Separate Myself From My Thoughts

Hi coaches, I had a deadline(today) for a project at work. I delivered it on time but I’m completely burned out. I was so tensed this week about the possibility of not hitting the deadline and worried when things looked grim. It was impossible for me separate out my thoughts and facts to do any self coaching. I just waited for the week to be over. My thoughts were all about me missing the deadline and failing. This created a lot of stress and overwhelm. I was aware of it. My brain said – yeah of course you are anxious since the chances of keeping up with the deadline is grim. It was as if anxiety was the only choice !! Even though in the end I delivered what I was expected to , I over worked and burned out. I know I am burned out coz I cried this morn when I missed my scholars coaching call because I was so caught up with the deadline drama. How do I separate myself and my thoughts under heated situations like these?