Counterintuitive thinking!

Hi Brooke!

Less than a week and I get to finally meet you and your team in Texas!

I have an issue that I would appreciate your guidance on about relationships….yes a relationship with myself! I am confident that I would be a great coach and as I have been spending every free moment reading and learning your coaching tools, I feel overwhelm. I expected the feeling but what I didn’t expect is that I would question if my life can find a balance with coaching included. I thought that the overwhelm would be from not feeling adequate when it comes to coaching and to my surprise I feel confident that I would be an amazing coach of Moms who have Type 1 diabetic children. I feel would give great value to the world in that target audience! However, my family is in flux and prioritizing myself and my coaching is counter intuitive to how I have lived my life. I would sincerely appreciate insight into managing this thought.

Lisa Lander