My boyfriend says to me sometimes some rude things. He criticizes me, and then I am sad. We love doing many things together. But his behavior let me think that maybe he is not the one for me and then I am so confused. Sometimes it’s like I hear a voice that says just leave him. This voice is very painful because I don’t want to. Sometimes I sure I am in love with him and sometimes I just don’t know and then I feel sad. I have a daily heavy thing in my heart. Sometimes nothing happens and everything fine with him, but still I have some resentment. And many voices that point things that I like less within him. I am so confused.


C: He said that I don’t care enough for our home.
T: He criticizes me.
F: hurt
A: I go in another room.
R: disconnection.

I don’t know what to think to feel connected and make disappear this heavy heart. Thank you for help