A couple wins and a question

II’m on day 20 of the stop over eating program. I’ve already lost 15 pounds (whaaattt???) i have 10 more to go.

My wins are – this weekend i sat through 5 meals where other people ate and I didn’t! Ah, wut? Who am I! There have also been a lot of baked goods around too and i haven’t actually wanted any.
I even went to a pizza place with work and order a salad. I feel a lot of joy eating on protocol and felt like a total bad ass ordering the salad i had planed to eat instead of quickly changing to pasta or pizza.

I keep reminding myself i’ve had that food before i know what it tastes like, and honestly when i think backbto when i ate it i was always trying to judge how long it would take my body to process or how i didn’t like feeling so filled up with flour or that amount of food.

I’ve been noticing how i want to eat more at night since that’s when i used to eat most of my food and snacks, i’ve been drinking more tea and fluids then or doing something else. That’s been challenging but no eating after 8pm has really given me more time to focus on other things.
I have more consistent energy too.

This weekend forsure was hard at points because my brain wanted badly to eat for the sake of eating, even today i’m fairly tired and my brain is like ‘all your favourite foods will help’ but i keep on protocol knowing that those thoughts will slowly fad.

One thing i have working through and maybe you could help, it’s not so much wanting to eat during a time i’m fasting but wanting the flavour of something hardy, like coffee or a broth, or even a sip of milk in my mouth. I’ll feel a sort of urge ir craving i’ve commited to not eating so i don’t but instead i’ll drink coffee, tea or a little kombucha so quiet it down. It’s not eating but i do feel like i’m in a round about way giving in the the urge. I usually wait for a hour after i’ve felt the urge and have drank water before i drink something else. I don’t drink it fast or in a craze either, but slowly throughout the rest of my shift or eve. The other day i got concerned that those pathways might not die if i keep answering them with drinks instead if leaving them unanswered.

What are your thoughts?

Thank you!