Courage to breakup


I’ve been in a 7-month relationship that has turned serious rather quickly. Overall I don’t see this as my long term partner as he’s not providing me with the support I need. I regularly wake up feeling angry, frustrated, and uncared for. I’ve felt this was the wrong fit for weeks now but can’t seem to gather the firm feeling that breaking up is the right decision. I know relationships are hard, and every time I think about doing it, I come up with a million reasons not to like:

1. Well, maybe he’s a really great guy, and I’m overly sensitive
2. Maybe I won’t find anyone I’m more compatible with, and my idea of being happy in a relationship at most times is skewed
3. Relationships take work, and maybe it’ll get better if I stick with it
4. I’m terrified to be alone, especially with COVID (I honestly think this is the major driver here)
5. What if I do it and realize I was wrong and regret it?

Any advice on how to decide a more confident place would be great. A better way to evaluate or be okay with the decision to break up instead of being so fearful and unsure.

Thank you so much for your help!