Covid and Work

2 weeks ago I got Covid when I was on vacation. It was mostly cold symptoms then and because I was well rested and had the time to rest I was coping well.  Last week I was working from home on 2 days and one day in the hospital and had 3 days to rest. I thought things were getting better.

This week I have 6 workdays in a row and ending with 3 days on call. The persisting symptoms (headache, cough, tired etc.) make it hard to focus and I feel like I’m dragging through the day.  My colleagues think that you should work when you’re not critically ill.  So I’m floating between taking care of myself and the patients and the pressure of my colleagues (who offer no support).

I´m trying to avoid the indulgent emotion of worry but am unsure how to coach myself through sickness and how to get through this week (and the following one after one day of rest).  Can I find resources in the study vault or any tips?  I know these bodily sensations are not caused by thoughts but that I can make my suffering worse by adding unhelpful thoughts. How can I offer myself self compassion?