COVID – family response

Two of my daughters tested positive for COVID-19. We are awaiting test results for the remainder of my family, but given our symptoms, it is likely we all have COVID. It has been a difficult few days securing a rapid test, informing schools, coaches and employers, talking with state health departments, ordering and preparing food, all while taking care of sick children and husband while I do not feel well.

I need help not being upset with family members who could help us but don’t or who do check in, but complain about silly things – like being on vacation and unable to tell the proper time because their watch jumps back and forth between two time zones or that one daughter in law is not helping clean.

C- family has Covid, we are in isolation and don’t feel well
T – sister is selfish
F – hurt, frustrated, angry
A – ruminate on this, avoid texting back because I don’t want to engage, do what she does to me
R – I am not making care of myself and not focusing on my family when I dwell on lack of interest

This has happened before. One sister is particularly focused on her family. Of course, that is her choice, But can’t it be my choice now to focus on my family and not communicate with her? I don’t have the energy to navigate communicating with her.