COVID – Landlady isn’t practicing self-isolation

My husband and I live in close proximity to our landlady, and I consider her a friend. We’re very close, share things & are in each other’s living spaces often. She (Gladys) and her daughter (16yo) aren’t practicing self-isolation, and are visiting with friends daily.

I’ve gotten over the manual I have that she “shouldn’t” be doing that, and fully accept that she can do whatever she wants.

Where I’m currently having issue with with my boundary. Even though none of us are high risk, I don’t want to get sick, nor do I want my husband to get the virus. I’m not exactly sure how to tell her that we can’t be in each other’s spaces anymore.

Here are my models:
C: Gladys is exposing herself to others (I’m not even sure this is a C)
T: I want to tell her that I can’t be near her
F: guilt
A: I don’t tell her
R: I expose myself

C: Gladys is exposing herself to others
T: I’m protecting myself by telling her that I can’t be near her
F: safe
A: tell her
R: I protect myself

But even that doesn’t feel good. Boundaries is something that I DO struggle with – I’ve done a lot of work on self-love and understand that I’m coming from a place of love for myself by setting the boundary. Perhaps the awkwardness is just practice in following through on the boundaries that I set?

*I’d heard that Brooke coached on this on a recent call, but couldn’t find it.