Coworker inappropriately yelled at me

Hi, something happened at work and I’m having so many thoughts and feelings about it and need help. A coworker inappropriately yelled at me the other day in front of other coworkers and clients. She had a client in a room that I was suppose to be in after her who who completely dis regulated. She came out of the room and blamed me for what happened to the client and did so in front of everyone. I know this is her stuff and has nothing to do with me. I brought it to the attention of our clinic director who already knew something happened. Our clinic director heard my version and then will hear hers next week. We will then sit down and talk about it. I know for a fact that I didn’t do anything “wrong” however my emotional child is thinking otherwise and I’m feeling fear, anxiety and anger. I’ve modeled this a few times, sat with the feelings, however, I’m really struggling. I was doing a TDL and what came out was thinking I’m that little girl who was bullied by her mother or other kids when I was younger and felt shamed. I go right into fight or flight. Flight by avoiding her and fight by wanting to yell at her. Can you please help me. Thank you.