Coworker is Fired

Hi Coach,

I would like some help with my models… Specifically, I am having trouble determining the result.

C: Coworker is fired for theft
T: What the @#$%!!? I can’t believe he did this.
F: Dumbfounded
A: Discuss with others; try to process the situation; ruminate; wonder if there could be a mistake
R: ?

C: Coworker is fired for theft
T: Was I completely wrong about the integrity of this person?
F: Disappointed
A: I think about past moments where he said he’d do something and never followed through
R: ?

C: Coworker is fired for theft
T: I hope he is ok
F: Compassion
A: Think about his family and the small town they live in, his reputation is ruined. I think about how he must be feeling, ashamed and embarrassed.

I have been running these thoughts in a loop for several days, and don’t really feel like examining them. The model is helping me, but I am confused with the results I am creating. Would love some help on it.