Coworker threatened work – should I too? It seems wrong.

C: Coworker promoted after threatening to leave and making demands on who she would or would not report to.
T: I wonder if I’m doing this all wrong.
F: Crushed
A: Think about taking the same approach; judge my department leadership for rewarding this tactic; try being apathetic; momentarily lose control at times and become more aggressive/angry; look for other jobs; swirl in indecision whether I accept this is how things are or try to fight them.
R: I judge every tactic I could take as wrong in some way.

I thought I was over this, but a mentor today brought up this coworker as someone who had done a good job of “networking / getting ahead”. Not everyone knows she threatened to walk away or that she insisted on not working for the boss I still work for in order to stay. My values are that this is wrong to do. I’ve gotten several job offers and sometimes have considered doing this (even though I feel it’s wrong), but I’ve just never felt that’s the right thing to do, which holds me back. That said, I feel screwed over by not doing this.

Most people who know my situation give me the advice to make a similar threat…but my conscience always holds me back in the end, even when I have an offer to do just that.