Coworker/work models

I have a couple models that I’d like help taking to the next level.

C: I have a job
T: I don’t like my job
F: Ungrateful
A: Don’t invest all the way, compare myself to others who like their jobs/are grateful for them, feel like I’m flawed/bad for being ungrateful, dread it, watch the clock
R: I don’t like myself or how I show up at my job.

C: I have worked with coworker H for 3 years
T: I will never enjoy working with her
F: Discouraged
A: Look for evidence of why, I have a short fuse regarding her behaviors, ruminate, blame, assume the worst, jump to conclusions, avoid interacting with her, she ends up with the power
R: I don’t enjoy myself at work; I don’t enjoy how I show up to work.

First, any suggestions on the models themselves? The R lines feel somewhat helpful as I can see that my thoughts are creating results I don’t want. But they almost feel too cliche or too obvious to be helpful. But let’s say those really are the Rs: suggestions on forming an intentional model/bridge thoughts to change the R’s?

Thanks for your help!