Coworkers and Lack of Social Distancing

I am trying to do a model on a circumstance but have so many thoughts and feelings I end up with lots of models. I don’t feel like any one thought is more important than the other … they feed into each other. What is the best way to approach this? I am trying to keep in mind the goal of the model which I understand is not necessarily to feel better, but to see how my brain works and choose my thoughts with purpose. As I’m doing them though, I can see how much I am holding on to my feeling of anger and how much evidence I am looking for to prove how wrong these people are.

It’s interesting, but in the end I still believe the actions they are taking are irresponsible, careless, and selfish and I am truly angry about it. Can you please provide me with some feedback? I can hear Brooke’s voice telling me “you can’t control the people” but it’s not helping me with moving forward at the moment. 🙂

Here are several models about the same Circumstance with the different thoughts/feeling pulled out. I don’t feel like I can relate my actions to just one model because the thoughts and feelings are all happening at once with my actions also happening all at once in response to them. So I put the actions at the bottom. I know this is not the right way to do the models …. I guess I don’t get how to do them when it feels all combined in my head.

C = coworkers are visiting each other’s homes for parties and posting recordings of them publicly on social media during quarantine

T = WTF!?!?!?!
F = shock

T = this is wrong
F = upset

T = I hate these people
F = anger

T = they are putting everyone at risk just because they are not worried
F = fear

A = complain about what I am seeing to other people to gather support for my feelings, avoid working while I stew about this, wonder how we are ever going to get back to “normal” again, look online for articles about people not paying attention to social distancing and the bad effects of this, question my belief we should be following the rules because it really does not seem to matter, get upset with my husband when I tell him about it and he shrugs and says people are going to do what they are going to do, try to call my sister to see what she thinks, waste time, second guess my own thoughts and feelings about it and then get more upset, wonder how we can ever go back to work when there are people who are not being careful at all

R = I spin in circles over something I cannot control and hate my coworkers