Crabby and easily triggered…

Hi Brooke!
I am having a tricky time getting past some anger I am having. For the past few days, I have just been irritable. Kids, employees, extended family, and especially my husband are all on my nerves. Its very out of the norm for me, not that I never get irritated, but that I am just overall crabby at everyone!

It is also unnerving that I am not able to do model work on these negative thoughts and their consequential emotions, and move through and past them. I keep modeling, and I am coaching myself in the moment, but its almost like I WANT to be mad right now. I am running the same negative thought loops over and over, even after I model, and even after I tell myself “this is you being controlling, this is you having a manual, this is you thinking everyone feels the same as you and if they don’t they should, this is you not being an emotional adult” ….etc etc, I then proceed to ignore myself and my coaching, and instead choose the thought that makes me feel angry. It has only been happening since Monday night, but I don’t like the way it feels when I can’t manage my mind. Maybe the eclipse combined with being hormonal right now has set me off, but I can’t seem to reign in my annoyance/anger. I am definitely feeling the need to be “right over being happy”. I might as well have a sign on my head that says “Please tell me how great I am, how right I am, please see me and validate me!”. How do I get back on track to desire happy regardless of right? More models and self-coaching? I’m even annoyed with myself right now! I need a Brooke (wisdom) intervention!