Hi Brooke!
I love reading the Ask Brooke page. It’s awesome.
After a recent deviation from my goals and a couple overeating episodes, something is starting to click. I’m starting to really see what I need to do in order to benefit from all of this amazing work. I’ve got a fair bit of resistance to feeling my feelings, mostly because I’m figuring out how to do that, and I’m working with it – good stuff!
One of the things I come up against is my cravings. Here’s a model to explain it better:

C: At home by myself all day/evening (I have been unwell for weeks and have limited energy to get out and do much currently)
U/T: I can only handle so many cravings before I give in.
F: Powerless
A: Overeating
R: Feeling awful; proof that I can’t handle cravings

I/T: Cravings at this stage are completely normal and I am learning how to allow them.
F: Assured
A: Complete today’s to-do list
R: More confidence, closer to goals

Any other thoughts on dealing with craving after craving? I want every single thing that I see on TV shows or that pops into my head. I’m trying to allow and feel the craving fully and then practice the thought that I’m willing to no longer want sugar and flour.
Thank you!