Craziness around the number and food

Hi Brooke,

As recommended on the June 5th live coaching session, I did some thought work on figuring out what “my opinion of myself” is. I think I mentioned to you that I generally feel happy with myself and my achievements, but I think that I can do better. Not just about my body image, but in all areas of my life. This mindset has a double edge sword – I am driven to close the gap, but if I fumble and do not see a path through things I start getting really down on myself. In such states, I exude a lack self-confidence which gets me nowhere fast.

I still want to keep my goal, but I see that I need to change my mindset perhaps even more. 120 pounds represents to me confidence, vitality and sexiness. I probably need to generate these feelings now instead of putting all of my energy in getting to 120 in order to feel them. I think this is why I was in a hurry to get to 120.

Is it OK to reframe a goal? Perhaps my F line is ultimately my R line. In all honesty, I am not sure if I am working the right model anymore!