Crazy dogs

I was out for my usual run on Saturday evening and was knocked off my feet by two dogs running into me. Although I was not badly hurt it was a big shock and I got very angry with the couple who owned the dogs. I was shaken and shouted at the owners that they should keep their dogs under control, what they did hurt me and had it been an elderly person or young child things could have been much worse. I shouted at them for about a minute and then continued on my run.

I very rarely raise my voice. I am trying to get better at responding to events rather than reacting but in this instance because I was physically hurt I reacted. I have never been knocked over before by dogs. In hindsight, I can see that what made me react so angrily was the reaction of the owners after I was knocked down. They did not run up to me and check to see if I was alright which I guess I would have expected. They slowly walked up to me, did not ask if I was alright and simply apologized a few times and then said I was overreacting which made me more mad.

So it was their reaction to the circumstance that affected me it seems more than the actual being knocked down. I do feel in some way they violated a boundary somehow but not sure what and how if this happens again I might react differently. I was not so pleased I reacted but that said, I feel something needs to be said to people who allow their dogs to knock people down.

How can I learn and grow from this? It feels instinctual somehow to react to a physical knock Iike this so not sure I really think it is incorrect yet I was not proud of myself for yelling.