Crazy Drinking Night!

Hey Brooke! So on Saturday, my partner goes to a big volleyball tournament and I stay home and work on stuff that’s important to me. (No going and holding drinks!) Later in the day, I get a text from him “Emergency! Clean house! People coming over!” Fortunately, we’re pretty minimalist and tidy, so it’s easy to do – and when he comes home, I find that he’s agreed to host a combination Dallas Cowboys Game and Mayweather/McGregor Fight Night. So LOTS of people come over … LOTS of alcohol comes with them … and everyone stays and drinks and parties from 6PM to about 3:30AM – and 2 people crash on couch, because they’ve had a bit too much. The next morning we get out of bed and my partner has a hangover – and I get up and think… “OMG! How crazy that I had so much fun last night – and honestly had zero desire to drink … and now I’m getting up after a late night feeling healthy, refreshed, and happy! YAY Brooke!”

In March of this year, I’d been splitting a bottle of wine with my partner every night. Sometimes I’d sneak wine during the day. Sometimes drink it in the garage or the shower. For the last few years, I kept putting on my goal list – “Cut back on alcohol” and “Stop drinking so much”, but I just kept right on going. In March, I joined SCS – AFTER coming home from having LOTS of drinks. The concept of “Not Wanting to Want It” was EXACTLY what I wanted – and if you had the path, I wanted on it!

Well… on Sunday morning, when my partner and I sent the 2 remaining groggy party attendees home – one of them said … “I wish my boyfriend would have come to the party, but he doesn’t drink.” And my partner said … “You should definitely invite him next time! My partner doesn’t drink so he’d fit right in.”

I was honestly shocked he said that. I never made a “I’m not drinking” proclamation or told my partner he had to stop so I could stop or did anything but just the quiet work to stop my own drinking – and he just realized that I had transformed into a non-drinker. In March, I honestly thought it next to impossible that I would be able to stop and NOT crave it in certain social situations. And here I am – an official non-drinker. 😀

I want to say “Thank You SO MUCH for ALL of Your Help!” – because I feel so much better, happier, healthier, with A LOT more energy – and I’m finding that clearing out this ONE issue … is helping me clear out LOTS of other related issues … and my life is really growing and getting better, day-by-day!

Thank you for the awesome work you do in the world, Brooke! Have an Awesome Week! 😀