Create new model now what?

Ok, so I totally understand the idea of the model and understand it on an intellectual level but I’m not quite sure what to do about the practical aspect. For example:
Old Model
C- My son exclusively breastfeeds
T- I’m trapped and can’t do anything alone ever
F- Resentful
A- I stay home
R-I feel shitty because I’m stuck in the house

New Model:
C- My son exclusively breastfeeds
T- This is only a very short window of time that he will do this
F- Acceptance
A-Be present and enjoy this season of life
R-Feel better about the situation

But my question is, am I just supposed to start thinking those new thoughts and assume the feelings of acceptance will follow? Do I do this everyday and redirect my mind to think the new model thought? Is the hope that eventually my feelings will change and the thoughts because what I really think instead of something I’m forcing myself to think?

Thanks so much!