How do i create value before selling?

We started a local pest control company in our small town (2k people) this past summer. We did really good and want to expand and make it better. I have a few questions. How can we create value before we spray? We have done all our marketing by word of mouth and fb garage sale groups. We did great, but because of the size of our town, we aren’t sure how to expand. We the next closest town is 45 miles away. We sprayed for them also, marketing on fb just like here, but didn’t have much success. I think it’s because everyone here knows and trusts us, so in a way we created the value of selling ourselves to people here who know us. How can we create that value in surrounding towns? Also, my husband has sold door to door other summers and is unbelievably successful, he is an amazing salesman. I have suggested he do it here, put his best skills to work by selling and hiring someone else to spray, but he absolutely doesn’t want to do that. He doesn’t like the idea of door to door again! So how do we expand? How do we create value so we can expand? And how do I know when we need to hire someone? I’m scared to hire because of taxes and things. And I CANT WAIT FOR DECEMBER!!!!!!!