Creating a dazzling new package.

Hi Brooke,

As a follow up to my post below ‘Loving this month of passion, purpose and vision’ I seem to be attracting new clients now, completely different to who I have been attracting before. Now I’m attracting men with established businesses and before I was attracting yogis and foodie women with no business experience.

I’m ready to up my game and jump back into a consultative role and — I have a business Q for the business section, but this is a model question — and a discovery call with an exciting prospective client this morning made me feel really nervous!

He is a self-confessed skeptic about mentoring & coaching however since I’m a business strategist passionate about PPV {passion, purpose and vision} he found it a nice ‘hybrid’. The next step is for me to propose how we work together and a package/ offer. What I want to do is blow his mind, but I find myself nervous about what results to guarantee, since the work is never the same, and I don’t know what one session will lead to and how it will define the next.

Here are my models. Am I doing the ‘right’ work here?

C: New coaching package for client who says “I am skeptical”
T: I don’t know what results to guarantee.
F: Nervous
A: No action yet. Haven’t created a proposal. Haven’t figured out where to start or what to guarantee.
R: No package or vision of what results I can help him achieve

C: New coaching package for client who says “I am skeptical”
T: I want to dazzle him with a unique and individual experience
F: Excited
A: Prepare a simple & ‘open’ outline for a 3 month package
R: I feel confident and excited about a new way to package and individualise my coaching experiences

Thank you,
Love! Stephanie