Creating a result or taking an action?

How do I know if I am creating a result or taking an action? For example, I was working on creating a downloadable, and I got halfway through the draft. But it wasn’t great, and it wasn’t finished. While researching on the web, I started thinking that other people’s websites and info was better, that this wouldn’t provide any value etc. I noticed and journaled that this caused me to get discouraged, and I stopped focusing on this and instead started buffering on social media. I found the same pattern the next day as well. Only this time I reached out to a copywriter instead to figure out and explore other ways I could get my desired result – which is to have a downloadable created and welcome sequence written and loaded into my mailing program. So, is this creating a result? Or is this the process of failing and trying something else until I get the result? I guess the buffering is not getting a result. Thanks