Creating an alternative thought that resonates


This month I am working to create the new belief that I am worthy of respect, my thoughts and perceptions are valuable, and others benefit from being around me. I have a long history of doubting my own self worth and engaging in people pleasing and self-defeating behaviors as a result. During the homework today, I realized one of my programmed beliefs from childhood is that ‘pride goeth before a fall’. I’ve written this phrase as my conflicting thought, and now I’m having trouble creating an alternative thought that resonates as much as my conflicting thought. My massive action will be to list three things each day that I’m proud of having done or accomplished, but I’m worried the action won’t be useful without a clear alternative thought. My programmed belief feels very deeply ingrained in who I am, so I’m trying to create a thought ladder to help me get past this – but I’m coming up blank. What would you suggest to help me get past this block? Thanks in advance for your help.