Creating an Intentional Model to Believe I have More Than Enough Money

A current belief I’m trying to overcome is that I don’t have enough money. This belief comes up every time I do a thought download around money. I can easily come up with my current money model, but when I try to create an intentional model that I have more than enough money, I don’t believe it and therefore I feel stuck in the same old limiting belief. I also have trouble coming up with the desired result.

Can you help me create an intentional model to overcome the belief that I don’t have enough money?

Unintentional Model
C – Money
T – I never have enough money
F – Scared
A – I avoid my finances and procrastinate
R – I have no idea of my current expenses/income. I have no urgency over making money.

Intentional Model
C – Money
T – ?
F – Abundant
A – I review my income and expenses weekly
R – ?

Thank you.