Creating money from abundance

By the end of May, I will have paid off all of my debt. The facts of my finances will be 5k in savings and 100k in long-term investments. My goal is to have 50k in savings by May 31, 2023.

I would like to create and save this money from a place of abundance. In the past, I have looked at money as you have to work hard and save. The more you work, the more money you make. Coincidently I have just finished working full-time and am home full-time with my children now and working on my husband’s and my business. I don’t have a set income anymore.

I am looking at how to set up a model that can assist me in creating and saving money from a place of abundance and ease and fun. Do I put the goal in the circumstance line? Or the result line? Or both?

C: $5k in savings
T: I am really good at saving money
F: Abundant
A: Creating a monthly saving plan; look around everywhere for things to sell, what to save, don’t spend time worrying about money, don’t have lack thoughts about having $5k, appreciate what I created to this point, excited for the future
R: Save money and create 50k

I played around with thoughts “of course I can save 45k, that’s easy” but they come with a lot of backtalk from my brain, and then it’s easy for me to get sidetracked on the negative thoughts.

The thoughts “I’m really good at saving money, I’m excited to grow my money, and I wonder how fast I can save this” feel so abundant and exciting to me.

Any input on my model would be great. Thanks!