Creating a New Identity

I am a 60 year old woman whose partner died unexpected on March 9. On the whole I am doing very well in allowing the grief to flow through me, and using all the feelings to show me where I need to work on my beliefs and thoughts. I am a strong and independent woman, and it has surprised me to discover how much his presence created a feeling of safety and security for me. So despite all I have achieved and done in my life, and a track record of accomplishment, I find myself doubting myself and being afraid to move forward, fearing failure. It occurred to me that just having a place to share my feelings that is safe and supportive would be worth a lot to me right now. For whatever reason, I am very emotional and disempowered today (not the case everyday, thank goodness), and I stumbled on Brooke’s zoom meeting and tuned in without really knowing what it was. So this is a very impulsive decision, but I am trusting that this is right for me at this challenging time.

My question: where would you recommend I start to watch recordings to deal with my feelings of fear of failure and paralysis?