Creating a protocol for life – maintanance

Hi Brooke

[Premise: I will implement your approach 100% for the next months so the scope of my question is NOT to change the plan and look for your approval in doing so. I hope my message gets accross right, however, feel free as always to kick my ass]

I am a big fan of your earlier work on weight loss – it provided a practical and deep solution and was strikingly different from the diet mentality crap, the diet plans out there, and because it focused on a more intuitive approach which I truly felt was sustainable for life.

I’m currently diving in the Stop Overating masterclass and loving it (mind:blown) but I admit that some parts of it sound and feel more similar to a “diet” that I normally would like. Especially the part where there are “forbidden foods” aka flour and sugar. I want to approach weight loss using the latest tools you teach, but after I lose the weight, I honestly don’t want, personally, to be completely sugar/flour free for life.
I understand and agree that we should look for most of our pleasure outside of food, and be all in when we separate the two.
But what if we consciously decide to have a small part of pleasure from food nonetheless, especially when we have reached our goal weight? Why is it “bad” to want a healthy relationship with food which ALSO includes pleasure, even when we know that long term wellness is more important that immediate pleasure for food?
in other words…does it really need to be black or white?
I dont believe that we necessarily have to cut sugar/flour 100% FOR LIFE in order to reduce our desire to manageable level. In your latest webinar you mentioned that even acting on just 1 of the 3 components ( desire, appetite, mind) is enough.

Once we regulate our hormones, take overdesire down to that of a normal /naturally thin person, and properly manage what’s behind the desire to overeat – which I understand are crucial components of getting rid of overeating – why can’t we just operate following our hunger and choosing most of our food from fuel choices, with some joy eats?

The model teaches us that we can create any result with the thoughts we choose to think.
The result I want is to be able to maintain weight loss without an overdesire for food – and, without forbidden foods . The result I want is to act like a normal person around food, eat mostly fuel according to my hunger signals but without having to eliminate anything forever.
My belief is there is a thought out there which will allow me to do that. Do you agree?

thanks and lots of love and gratitude fro your work