creating social media posts

I have scheduled to write two social media posts a day. Whenever I write content, its a struggle. My brain keeps bringing thoughts that is judgmental towards my writing.

Some of the thoughts:
It’s not that inspiring.
People already know this.
You can’t even create your own concepts.
I don’t know what to write about.
This content will be just like usual.

I want to make my posts better than I did last time. A lot of times I do get the social media posts done. When its done, I like it and a lot of times people comment saying they love it.

Whenever I think those thoughts, I feel frustrated, sometimes uninterested, uninspired, confused, stressed. The main one is frustration.

How do I get my work done because it’s just so hard when my brain keeps presenting with judgmental thoughts. Sometimes its just so hard to motivate myself to write when my brain says all this crap. Sometimes I just do the work half done and quit in between. I know I want to create posts because I want to sign clients and give value.