creating the impossible

I think I want my impossible goal to be make $100k as a Life Coach. I currently make $0. A Life Coaching business is currently not existent. So for me, this feels very impossible and uncomfortable and downright terrifying. So fun!

I have another goal of weight loss/fitness. I have certain numbers in mind for body fat, dress size, resting heart rate, weight lifting, etc. This one really does not feel impossible to me. It feels very simple and not very uncomfortable, but that it will certainly take a lot of effort regardless. So when I thought about this specific goal I was like “ok, that can’t be my impossible goal…because it does not feel impossible”.

However, when I think about going after the “impossible” business goal and losing weight congruently, then the combo begins to feel impossible. Like as if I don’t have enough mind energy to reach both at the same time.

I understand that might just be a limiting belief, but the workbook says to pick ONE impossible goal. Do I just pick the business one and let the fitness one go? Or go after both since, when isolated, the fitness goal does not feel impossible?

Furthermore, I have all these other “tiny” goals that I think could contribute to each of these bigger goals. Would these be considered some fails?!
Examples for the weight loss goal being to hit my protocol every day, never miss a planned workout, get 7 hours of sleep, etc. Or are these just the “how” and not quite measurable “fails’?

Thank you for your answer!!