Creating thoughts vs noticing thoughts in the thought download.

Hi Brooke,

I have a couple of questions about the thought downloads.

I really like the idea of getting the thoughts in a visible format and really taking a look at them. I’ve heard you and your coaches describe it as ‘just getting the thoughts out, writing them down’ and such, but I think I’m missing something when it comes to my downloads.

Is the download meant to be stream of consciousness don’t take your pencil off the page, or is meant to be more deliberate or considered?

I’m noticing that when i’m doing a stream of consciousness version that thoughts seem tangental and surreal. Where as if I sit done and ‘deliberate’ It seems like I’m hunting for thoughts. My brain becomes focused on the thought hunting itself and when I write a thought down I’ve found challenging to tell if a thought is ‘genuine’ or if i’m inventing it to have something to write down. I understand that all thoughts are ‘invented’ in the end.

Maybe it’s because when I’m down a download I’m very aware of the produced nature of thinking and so the thoughts all seem less real/more nebulous? Like, rather than emptying a mental drawer and seeing what’s ‘there’ I feel like I’m generating thoughts?

I’m probably way over complicating this. =D

Thank you.