creating value and clients while coaching myself to organize my finances


I have 2 major results I am creating in my life right now:

Being back at a healthy weight that feels like my weight. I’m 23 pounds down, and have maybe 10 more to go. It’s doable, even if I sometimes have to keep reminding my brain of that.

Creating income and getting my finances back to being healthy:
Getting my account back to a positive balance from -$2,900 CAD
Paying a missed mortgage payment $472 CAD
Making my last LCS certification payment $3,500 USD
Paying overdue strata payments of over $2,000
Transitioning off govt payments when they stop to my own income
Paying $800 CAD tax due
And about a half dozen more bills or things I owe

I’ve written these as circumstances as best I can.

My brain is saying that I can’t offer or sign another client while I have all these circumstances in my life.

But I want to sign clients for life coaching or even supply chain consulting work WITH these circumstances so that I can remove these circumstances.

I’m working hard at both 2K and LCS. I’ve signed 3 paid clients and made $4,400 in my coaching business this year.

How do I manage my brain to keep making valuable offers and value to create clients AND take action on these circumstances?

I already have proof that I can loose weight. And previously I thought that was impossible. I just found the right approach, believed it would work, and took daily action (diet, fasting, supplements, walking).

I am taking some action on finances, making some offers, but not consistently from a high place of value on a daily basis or multiple times a day.

C finances
T my finances aren’t organized enough
F guilty
1. Avoid organizing them
2 do other things
3 not handle the things I should
4 get behind with bills
5 not take responsibility for fixing my current result
6 blame myself
R They still aren’t organized enough