Creating Value in the World VS Living a Safe and Comfortable Life

Working is optional if I play it safe, comfortable and drama free.

I’ve been a Dave Ramsey fan since 2004 claiming to want to become a Personal Financial Coach. (niche single- women) Then I listened to your PODCAST on Money and watched Money videos in SCS. What the what?!? I have negative thoughts about being a Financial Coach are not all listed. Could I coach/teach from a spirit of ABUNDANCE using Dave’s principles (the mechanics) and what Brooke teaches-(the mental and emotional)? Should I attend Brooke’s Certified Life Coaching training 2019 or 2020?Weight Loss and Wellness (I have Rheumatoid Arthritis since the age 31) OR Personal Finances? I think Weight Loss and Wellness is an easier topic for me to talk about with friends, relatives and strangers.(my niche would change)

oppose to purchasing some form of RV and roaming around the U.S. until…