Creating Value – MM

Hi Brooke!
So I’m trying to run a model for creating more money in my life. I have a goal of making $60 K in my business next year (which is big for me) and I’m having trouble with my T line. I know that money is tied to value so I’m trying to create a simple thought and it’s getting a bit convoluted and I want to make it simpler. So here it is… C – Money T- I am capable of creating $60 K in my business as this will help me create more value in my life which will in turn create more value in the lives of others. What I’m trying to get at really is that by creating value in the lives of others I create value in my own life which is why I want to make more money. I also want to pay off my $50 K debt t but want to focus on the value part of making more money, not the debt part. The F line would be empowered, motivated and the R line would be the $60K. I’m wondering though if I have to create a model for the debt because it’s always in the back of my mind. I do want to make the money obviously to get rid of debt but want to do it through the idea of creating value.