Creating Value to Make Money

Hi! I just watched Lesson 2 of Money Beliefs And Goals.
Brooke says to add value to the world and somehow the “world” will pay it back (love that).
I wonder if I am not adding enough value OR if I devalue what I bring to the table.

First, if I “truly” don’t bring enough value, this would explain my current revenue.
But what if the reason I earn my current salary, is because I devalue what I create? I always feel like I am not doing enough, but that doesn’t not mean it’s a fact.

I am in having a brain loop here. How can you “know” that you add enough value? By your results, right? Or do you get to decide you create enough value even if you don’t have the results “yet”? I’m not sure what I need to do here to make sure I do earn more. Believe the value is there and let it come back or believe that I am must create more?