Creativity as a Distraction

Hey Brooke,

Over the past week I have been trying to figure out how to make my goal and action steps more interesting. A couple of days ago I started formulating an idea and it sparked my creative energy. I want to develop a personalized goal tracking log that incorporates my creative flair. However, this past year I had a mini breakdown caused by severe anxiety and started back into therapy. After weeks of therapy I have come to see that I use my creativity as an escape or distraction from life. You wouldn’t believe the amount of art supplies I have and the number of styles of art I have learned and excelled at. I’m also a tech person so I have developed programs, designed websites, written ebooks, etc. But none of which have been successful, because I lose interest and start a new project. It’s is a vicious cycle. (I was raised in a dysfunction and abusive family and was sexually abused for 8 years. As a kid I escaped into my creativity as a way of survival.) So now I want to tap into my creativity without making it a distraction or escape. I feel it is my gift in this life time but sometimes it goes wonky. So here is a model I did on this realization. I started with “I am using my creativity as an escape” in the A line.

C: Make a goal tracker
T: I’m going to make a kick ass goal tracker
F: excited, motivated, rush, high, tunnel vision
A: I am using my creativity as an escape
R: Make a cool goal tracker system that I probably won’t even use.

C: Make a goal tracker
T: Goals motivate me and a visual tracker appeals to my create nature
F: creative, inspired, motivated
A: Set aside specific amount of time to work on the tracker each week.
R: The planner grows as I do, supporting my ultimate goal.

What do you think? Have I addressed the real issue?

Thanks, Cindy E

PS The idea of using my weight in the C line is brilliant! I did it this morning and it already helped me see more clearly! You rock Brooke!