Critical Thinking (Follow Up)

Thanks so much for your insights re: my question on critical thinking, Brooke, it really helped.
I’ve done a thought download and model to explore the topic further, and was able to untangle my issue I think.

I realized that what’s important to me is definitely not to point out and linger on the negative aspects of a situation. I do it occasionally, but I’ve been working on eliminating it from my brain and life.

My actual attachment to “critical thinking” as taught in the French educational system, and the part I don’t want to let go, is the part of my brain that questions the status quo, is not afraid to think differently from the crowd, and has the courage to express these opinions even when they go against the authority, like the child in the Emperor’s New Clothes.

Here’s my model:
C: Beliefs, opinions, and values are expressed and accepted by the majority.
T: I am free to believe, think, and behave differently.
F: Free, expansive, fascinated.
A: I express my differing opinions in a measured way, and discuss them with others who show interest.
R: Ideas advance; I am seen as a trusted thought leader.