I have a crush on someone at work. On one hand its harmless because I have had crushes all my life and know it will pass. I also know its just something my mind does and I won’t actually act on it . But I would really like some help on dismantling those feelings because its inappropriate and I am scared they might guess. I don’t have a poker face. It’s inappropriate because they are younger and it would cross workplace place boundaries

C I have good conversations with someone at work
T They are cute
F I feel more alive
A Make more of an effort with how I dress, do things that make me happy outside work
R I enjoy life more, everything feels more fun.

I am also embarrassed about my feelings and that model looks like this

C Cute person at work
T I don’t want them to know I am thinking about them romantically
F embarrassed
A Try to behave normally
R Write in Ask a coach for help

Do you have any advice? Thanks