Crying ex-husband

Hi Brooke,
Something happened and I need help with this, I think maybe this model is one out of many I can do about my relationship with ex-husband.
This particular situation, I don’t think you need to hear the whole story to be able to help me. I tried to come up with new thought new model but has been unable to.
C: Ex-husband crying in my home (over kid’s stuff – how son is not listening to him)
T: He is trying to make me feel sorry for him and bad about myself, like he always did when we were married, but I have no obligation now, so he can go have a blast himself.
A: Go out to take a walk to get away
R: I dislike him more

I can have better thoughts of compassion and that, but I really don’t believe it. I asked myself how I wanted to feel, and I still don’t know for sure. Maybe I can choose neutral? Peace? Obviously, there has been a lot of emotional wounds and poisoning over the years. How do I go about healing those so I don’t feel so triggered?