C’s vs T’s

I’d like to get better at defining Cs vs Ts from my downloads.

Here’s my download

Tomorrow is Friday
I hope I can get my work done by 5
I am not sure what’s on my sprint
I know but I’m not sure if they should be or not
That PJ top is too big
I need a different top
I wake up sweaty
These sound and seem like Cs
My hand hurts
I see you, brain
I don’t want to go back in the office
What do I even need to test?
I need to take my pills
I want to wear my dresses
I want that slip short from jockey
I bet they’d be good
Yeah, he thinks that’s a fact

Okay the Cs I identified from this download
C: today is Thursday
C: tomorrow I will see tasks assigned to me in our project management tool
C: the PJ top is size small
C: I wake up sweaty
C: pain sensations in hand
C: [company I work for] owns an office and boss said he wants us in the office starting the 13th
C: I take medication
C: Target sells slip shorts
C: R said he had bad parents

Could these be clarified even more?