Is it curiosity or comparing myself to others?

Good morning, Brooke!

A few questions, if I may:
1. I recall you mentioning that feeling “hope” or “hopeful” is a bad thing. Is this always the case, or is it only if it leads to inaction? I run into this question a lot when I do models in regards to meeting my life mate. I feel hopeful, but I’m still working on becoming the best version of myself so I can be as ready as I can be for when that time comes.
2. I’m an extremely curious person, and I realize I focus a lot on what drives/motivates people (I majored in psychology). I’m unsure, though, if when I ask how I am in relation to other people or how my team is in relation to our other sister sites in regards to work situations or projects, if this is me comparing myself to others for some sort of validation. I’m just really curious because I want to see if what we experience or are going through is normal or if we’re falling a little behind. In regards to me personally, I’ve been questioning if this position I’m being moved to was given to me based on my skill set and what I have to offer the company, or if it was given to me because it was a way to remove me from my current position?
3. Speaking of curious, I’m just wondering who the male voice is who introduces the podcast or the guy who used to ask for a reviews in the earlier podcasts?

Thank you for helping me see clearly! I very much so appreciate you!