Curious how you decide

Hi Brooke!

I am curious about your process in answering our questions here.

As a (ridiculously proud) VIP member, I try to use those Q&A’s as an exercise for myself (not just consuming, though it is popcorn to me 😉 ) to train my own brain and see how I would answer.

Typically when a member presents a situation, I can see different angles that could be addressed (say, a triad of negative thinking, emotional childhood, and a nice thick manual) but often you offer just one direction/insight to start with.

I wonder if you can articulate how you decide to pick the angle you pick? How do you decide which will move the needle the most?

And for the angles/tools that you don’t offer right away, is it about not overwhelming us, or perhaps giving us room to figure out the rest on our own?

Geeking out over here. 🙂

Thank you!

Clotilde in Paris.