Current event anxieties, Part 2

Dear Brooke,

Thanks for the feedback. After I hit send on my first message, I realized that I have a “manual” for society. Why try to just change a person when you can try to change everyone, right?!?

Here are my models – anything else to add?


C: Society

T: Current societal dialogue is leading to a breakdown in communication that is creating deep chasms in society. If there could me more thoughtful dialogue tensions could be relieved.

F: Annoyed

A: Engage with more thought provoking articles, cultivate discussion among disagreeing groups.

R: Devote a significant amount of time and energy for very little return

Intentional Model:

C: Society

T: There will be conflict over important issues and seemingly impassable divides

F: Acceptance

A: Focus my energies on practicing my purpose

R: Be a contributor to society