Current event anxieties

Dear Brooke –

I’ve been loving all your guest coaches lately, please tell Corinne that that lilac is her best shade of purple.

Okay, so I have suffered no small amount of anxiety in the last year from the presidential campaign, the election and the post election events including the recent tragedy in Charlottesville.

This does not serve me. I spend so much time arguing with myself in my own head. I’m over it.

So this morning I tried to distill a new framework around it. I was trying to do a model, but I hadn’t had my coffee yet and I was finding it difficult:

As a person of faith, I believe we are all endowed with the capacity to be loving. As a seeker of the truths of all sides, I am distraught over the chasms in our society. As a pragmatist, I’ve rarely seen the dialogue of disagreement be productive. Instead of engaging, I will pray.

Do you have anything to add?