Current Job vs. Coaching

Throughout the day, I go back and forth on if I will leave my career in advertising to do my life’s work and become a weight loss coach. I like my job, I like the money I make, I like the flexibility, and I know my position adds value to our business.

But then I doubt myself.  I think there are so many other people that can do a much better job, I think I am only in this position because my husband owns this business and it’s convenient for him to hire me, I think I make too much money, I am just lucky, and that I can’t possibly sustain this income.

Then I question, why would I leave this career if I am finally in a position I have dreamt of and have the income that I want?

The truth is, my husband could hire someone else to do this job, but he is fine with the value I add. The truth is I bill for my time according to our agreement. The truth is money is a flow of energy and I am worthy of making a lot of money.

At this point in my life, I have outgrown my career and want to do my life’s work. Meaning, I have enjoyed the advertising journey, but I don’t feel inspired nor fulfilled in my day-to-day.  I am curious and want to embrace helping women lose weight. My fear is that I will make less money, I will have to work a lot harder than I am now, I will suck at it and no one will want to work with me, I’ll find out it isn’t as “fun” as I thought it would be, being a coach will be a “jobby,” and I won’t have the time I want to work with clients or put programs together.

Currently I am feeling two things: scared of the unknown, and fascinated with the endless possibilities of doing my life’s work.

C: Work as a Weight Loss Coach
T: I am going to have to work harder to replace my income.
F: Scared
A: Assume I’ll be stressed, assume my husband will annoy me, assume I’ll have no patience with the kids, assume I won’t make the same income, assume I’ll be overwhelmed, assume I will fail and have to go back to my advertising job
R: I waste time assuming and don’t allow for space to create and grow

C: Work as a Weight Loss Coach
T: I was so born to do this!
F: Fascinated
A: Notice when I start assuming and allow for it and then let it go, redirect my thoughts to believe I am in the right place at the right time, accept not knowing the how, expand and allow for space and time to reveal where to go.
R: I allow my life’s work to reveal itself.

If these models are aligned, then what do I do with them? Do I sit with feeling scared and allow myself to ease into not knowing how I will get there as a coach? Allow myself the experience of stepping into the unknown and watching the results unfold as I am committed to myself?  Continue to dream of how fascinated my future self will be?