Custody decision

My husband and I are divorcing, per his wishes. He wants 50% custody, has about 35% right now. He continues to do a number of bothersome things that do not probably meet the criteria for the judge to take away custody (exposing my girls to his friend who is in my mind a sexual predator, leaving them with his sister outside at a park when he is not to leave them with her, walking off with my girls on my weekends with them, existing…)

He has now offered me a proposal in which he gets 50% time with them and he give me some money to pay off/terminate spousal support. At first, I thought that I should just take this agreement because I thought he will get 50% eventually anyway and it would be good to have the $, not spend more time, money and energy on fighting him in court, and I was ready to sign it. Now, I’m thinking I just don’t feel right signing that he gets 50%, even though I will lose the money and maybe he will get 50% eventually anyway.

I don’t know what to do. Any help in making this decision?

Thank you!