Custom Work Model Question Part Two- I Hit Enter Too Fast

C- Custom work.
T-I think people ask me for custom work because I’m cheap.
A- not want to work on it, not do my best work, dread it, bad attitude, not keep the client informed.
R-make a cheap product.


C-custom work.
T-people want me to do custom work because they love my style of painting or they wouldn’t have asked me.
A- excited to get started, give my best, over deliver, keep client in updated, act confident.
R- make the perfect painting for the client.

Now the question is : in my intentional model my thought is about how others think, can I do this or does the model have to be directly related to my thoughts like something like: my art work is amazing and that’s why they asked me? Or “saying my work is cheap is an old story and I choose to think that my work is perfect for this client”.