Customer service and me..

Hi Brooke
I have a success story I must share. This month March has me on FIRE as my new sentence I want to believe is I AM HAPPY AND FREE

After only 3 days of looking for and writing down the positive things in my life, I can feel it changing me. I thought my highest personal achievement was losing and keeping off 64 lbs ..until today I did not realize there was so much more for me.

Just now I had a financial question for the billing department at Verizon. Full disclosure, I have had hundreds of phone conversations through the years with various customer service people and often it does not go well..always on my end and I go sideways…In the past, I have been short, condescending and rude..and this is going to stop for no other reason then how amazing I feel right now.

Verizon and I were completing our conversation and I called the nice customer service lady by name and thanked her for helping me. I told her I love love love paying my cell phone bill because I love my cell phone and the great service I receive from your company..

There was a silence on her end then she told me “I’ve been answering these phones for almost 5 years and no one has ever said that to me.. thank you” we both laughed and it made my day happier and I hope I did the same to her day

The feelings I felt after that conversation was wonderful. Normally I would be pissed off yelling ..telling the ugly story to anyone who would listen.over and over.. passing that ugliness to others. What was the most insightful to me, I had not planned ahead of time to act in any way ..I was neutral about the call.. just taking care of business..another amazing moment I think I will remember for a long time.

Can you imagine how much I enjoying paying you…